I was so drawn to Jilly’s style of calligraphy. My daughter and son-in-law agreed, so it was an easy decision to use her for the wedding invitation calligraphy. She also helped me design a tattoo that I am still contemplating. Awesome work!
— Rhonda (Chicago, IL)



Each month, I partner with a local hospital to produce temporary tattoos for the kiddos in their long-term care unit. These little ones need something fun, bright, creative, and playful to look at while being confined to hospital beds, and I'm happy to offer them one way to feel special, cool, and colorful.

For the month of June, I'll be partnering with:

Children's Hospital, Boston MA

If you have a hospital in mind that you'd like to suggest, fill out the form over here and let me know! 


Since the fifth grade, I've been cultivating a love for lettering and drawing. A self-taught artist with a knack for line work, my illustrations have graced the skin of over 200 people as custom tattoos, online and print publications across the US, the walls of clients' homes as personal art commissions, business cards as hand-drawn and digitally rendered logo designs, and much much more. 


Your article is beautifully written, but it needs some pizzaz, visuals, a corresponding illustration to tie the whole piece together.

Your company has just completed its mission-statement, and you need to design business cards, but you haven't come up with a logo idea yet. And you definitely don't want anything cookie-cutter.

You're a musician, and you want your album art to tell as much of a story as the evocative music it protects.

You're an art agent who's looking to rep an illustrator and lettering artist with a unique flair for line work, and penchant for drawing organic material like food, plants, animals, and botanicals. You can see a growing need for expressive, rich, bold drawings for things like textiles, surface design, merchandise, and in publications, and my work piques your interest.


Martha Stewart Online | Edible East Bay | Illumine Magazine | Mais Oui Floral Design | Active Voice Coaching | Marjorie Preval Photography | BluPrint Corp | Lululemon Athletica


If you have an illustration or lettering need, or you're interested in developing a representation relationship, then let's connect and take the conversation further! I enjoy working with creative, forward-thinking clients who value beautiful design, and the process it takes to get there. Click the link below to get started: